Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The first mess of a clean house

There was the first mess of a clean house.
Seemingly, No one was going to clean it back because everyone had their own agenda.
The clean (now dirty) house contained a family of 4; The Peters'. Two parents, Margaret and William, Two kids, Brian and Jenna, and a dog, Duke, The children's parents hardly payed any attention to the dog.

If you can picture a typical "American family" then you can already paint the image of this family.

The reason that this house was so messy was because both the parents hadn't been paying much attention at all to what was going on due to their own problems such as work and bills and avoiding imminent foreclosure on their home since Margaret had recently lost her job as an Antivirus support specialist.

William had been cheating on Margaret since their last major argument six months ago which included Margaret tossing William out of the home and since then he had gotten his mistress pregnant and was constantly thinking of how he could confess to Margaret and the kids.

Brian's older sister Jenna had noticed the messy house and had even, at one point, uttered "how did our home get this way, what the hell?" but that had been the last thing she said about it since her boyfriend, Buck, was the only thing truly on her mind.

Margaret had been so depressed that she turned to liquor and beer. She had figured that since she had the money (temporarily) that she would drink her problems away but on the inside she knew it wouldn't and it scared her.

Brian seemed to be the only carefree and "normal" family member although everyday at school his peers would pick on him about the way his body looked or the type of music he would listen to. Although he and his 17 year old sister listened to similar music, he noticed that no one ever made fun of her. Brian thought that maybe it was just because he was a freshman but whenever he was alone he would smoke weed and cut himself and wear dark clothing.


It was Christmas day...