Saturday, April 17, 2010

worst ever

It seems as if the people who go to church faithfully are the ones with the most sin at hand... I know people who consider themselves to be "religious" but are always involved in drinking, drugs, sex and violence. I consider myself to be straightedge or sXe. Its basically exercising all the principles of christianity... but theres one difference... I dont regularly attend church but i hold to those principles on my own. I think about it everyday: what can i and what cant i do. there are proven consequences to breaking those principles. drinking - getting drun and possibly killing someone, hangovers, blackouts... sex - aids, unwanted children, rape... violence - war, robberies, death... drugs - mental problems, addiction, even more violence....

So i wonder why i sub-consciously think less of people (who i have feelings for) when they tell me that theyve had sex or drank alcohol at a party... mainly women of course. its a sub conscious thing. I personally dont care but i guess thats just me. Ive tried love and it failed miserably. I guess thats why people tell me that love is useless and those same people have one night stands and dont even think of a relationship. Is it all because of how a lot of women act? maybe those same women that attend church regularly that just want to be different. who knows... Is it just because im young and i still have a lot to learn? can anyone tell me because im at a loss. ive thought of it logically and ive tried looking from different perspectives...
anyways ill be updating here more often. sorry for the long wait. let me know what you think.

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