Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sex. Period.

Everyone views sex differently. Some view it as an express of passionate love, some view it as generalized activity, some view it as disgusting and lewd, some view it as just something to do and some just dont give a damn about it.

I was standing at a bus stop today and it crossed my mind.
I often question life and why we as humans have come so far; why are certain rules in place, and why are some things normalized.
How did these things come about?

In movies (and sometimes in real life), you could witness a guy hitting on a girl or even asking for sex outright and she could be repulsed by the guys audacity to request such a thing. But why? I can understand that asking for sex immediately is rude, but i've seen some overreactions and going to what I said before about how people view sex differently then I guess I just answered my own questions. I guess my real question is Why do people see the same thing differently? scientifically; sex is sex. but religiously; sex is a sin unless its heterosexual, married, and to have children. But when looked at socially is when things become hazy and confusing.
I personally see sex in a generalized manner, but I dont believe you should be promiscuous just because you can, doesnt matter if you are a man or a woman.

Another question - why does it hurt people to see their loved ones having sex with someone else?

How do you view sex?


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