Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Do you Love me?

So since my last post my ex and i have.... "made up". Meaning we dont hate each other anymore... So my youtube account is looking pretty good now. I could use some more subscribers though. So i was on Facebook earlier this week and i ran into a girl that i used to like in the 9th grade. (she hates me still) and it brought back memories of how much of a flirt i was when i was only 14 years old. lol it kinda funny. Now i realize just how far ive come in life and i appreciate that i can have a girl as loyal as the 1 i have now. Im very lucky to have her. We literally tell each other that we love each other every 4 minutes. Damn. but anyway since no one is reading this ill end my logging for today. Love you baby.

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