Sunday, November 15, 2009

Maybe just Maybe

People often say that they dont want a president who will help the country, lower taxes, create jobs, and tell the truth. I have the perfect solution for the last one... ELECT PINNOCHIO! Maybe then we would always know if he were lying because his nose would grow almost as big as my wang (not really) but you get my point im sure. Anyway the reason i posted today is because a lot of people think that president Obama is supposed to "change" the country around completely in 1 year. Newsflash - the U.S.A is like a very very big ship and turning it around fully and quickly takes lots of time, effort, and numbers thats right numbers - president Obama cant do it himself. People who want change need to learn to start with themselves and then help others... maybe we could start by lowering violence and making places like Detroit (where im from) safer. Maybe. All im saying is maybe.

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